Why You Should Combine Kilimanjaro With an African Safari

Kilimanjaro is situated just south of the equator, next to the Serengeti. There are lots of decisions to make when planning your climb, from the way, to the time frame, and whether you genuinely believe in hiking poles. But of all options and choice, the best decision you’ll make will be to incorporate your climb with an African safari, another excellent Tanzania vacation spot, which is usually the continent’s biggest get.

You’re Already Likely to Booklet Your Tickets to Africa
Both the Kilimanjaro climb and an African safari are once in an eternity activities in their own right. The views above the clouds from sitting on the best point in Africa will absolutely blow your brain, and waking up close with iconic African wildlife is a exceptional and authentic experience which makes you feel as though you’re living a David Attenborough film.

You’re already in Africa, why not complete them both! African Safaris practically grab from where Mt Kilimanjaro climbers are fell off. So there’s no extra transit or hassle engaged.

On completing our climb of Mt Kilimanjaro, we were driven back again to our hotel in Moshi (overnight on your day of your return is generally contained in the price). We’d the opportunity to unwind, bathtub, and unpack, before the safari bus emerged to us the very next day.

Because it HELPS YOU TO SAVE Money
Obviously, combining two holidays in a single saves you the expenses associated with flying again later. For someone like me who lives in Australia, flights to Africa can hit across the $3,000 make (download the free Skyscanner iphone app to find the cheapest flights).

Though then there will be the savings you make from scheduling your tours as a bundle deal. Whether you’re seeking to tack on the one day safari, 2-3 times, or 4 times plus, use a free of charge service like Climbing Kilimanjaro to help you find the best priced package.

Because After Climbing That Mountain You Deserve a Damn Good Reward
Any-one can climb Mt Kilimanjaro; it’s a non technical climb. But don’t for another think that “non technical” translates into a fairly easy time.

Getting to the very best of Kilimanjaro remains the hardest struggle I’ve faced in my own life. Through the entire more difficult elements of the voyage I remember wanting to hop from the mountain and expire! This is a journey which will thrust you to your limits both actually and emotionally, and demand a willpower and strength beyond what you’re used to atlanta divorce attorneys day life.

Though it’s the issue of the climb which makes reaching the top such an accomplishment. Even though some might argue that the views from the most notable of Africa are enough of a reward, you merely conquered the tallest freestanding mountain on goddamn globe – e book yourself on a celebratory safari. You deserve the prize.

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